Federal Estimated Tax Payment Calculator

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Federal Estimated Tax Payment Calculator


One of those people who a) would rather run 10 miles than calculate their quarterly tax estimates but b) don’t yet have the funds to outsource this?

Good News: Within 5 minutes, you can have your estimates completed and paid for (I provide the link for you!) without any of the stress or confusion that typically occurs when trying to calculate those estimates.

This one-page calculator is perfect for you if you:

  • Are an entrepreneur or have a side hustle that is consistently earning profit

  • Don’t have the funds to outsource this task to a CPA (or who simply want to keep it under their umbrella)

  • Don't want to stress about figuring out how much to pay to Uncle Sam each quarter

  • Want to keep as much money in your business now but want to ensure you don’t have a hefty tax bill when spring rolls around

  • Have little time to dig into the calculations yourself and just want to check this off your to do list

You can use this calculator each quarter, and if any major updates occur in our tax law (as they always do), a new calculator will be emailed to you so that you have the most accurate calculation.

Let’s keep more money in your business now so that you can invest, grow, & become more profitable!

*Note: As state rules differ, this calculator does NOT include state estimate calculations. Please check your state’s department of revenue website or connect with a local CPA (or reach out to me!) if you have questions on calculating your state estimates.

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