i just bought my 1st rental property

Guys, it’s the post you’ve all been waiting for.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that Keith and I purchased our first official rental property back in September. And while I wanted to write this post MUCH sooner (you know, out of sheer personal excitement), I waited a few months to ensure at least a small level of success (and paid rent) prior to jumping the gun.

However, 3 months later, all is running smoothly (*knock on wood*), and I wanted to give you all the details behind how we got into this real estate game, the process we went through, and the numbers on our FIRST EVER rental property.

gifting your future self: why retirement savings should be a priority

Retirement savings are my number one savings priority at the moment. It’s fairly unusual that someone my age and in the freelance world is so focused on retirement. Most 20-somethings don’t think about retirement because it seems so far away, and most freelancers don’t think about it because it’s hard to save for as a 1099 employee.

It has been ever since I finished paying off my student loan debt. I opened a Traditional IRA at age 26, and have maxed it out for the last three years. I also have a solo 401k, and a Roth IRA.

how to save for retirement without a 401(k)

I have been fortunate in my career to always have been offered a 401(k) – or similar program – by my employers, and to be honest, it would be hard to switch to a company who didn’t offer one. I love my 401(k), especially since it was one of the major players in helping me hit a $250K net worth this summer, and I continue to take advantage of it like QVC takes advantage of old women with cash in their pocket.

5 ways you're screwing up your 401(k)

I made a money mistake.  I know, I’m supposed to have my s#!% together, but have I told you how badly I want to crawl in a hole and hide every time I hear the word “investing?” No? Well, consider yourself informed.

To me, investing has always had a gambling aspect to it.  Because you can never truly predict what the market will do, there’s the potential that you could watch all your money slowly spiral down the drain. And for someone whose only casino experience rivaled that of your 80 year-old grandma (i.e. I spent $20 at the slots), that’s scary.

the ladyboss's guide to investing: how ETFs can help you win the game

Holy procrastination.  I’m just going to put this out there:  this is not a sexy topic.  ETFs aren’t something you’ll be dying to discuss over drinks with your friends on a Friday night nor will they make it into your Snapchat story.  I think that lack of glamour, along with the fact that I’ve never purchased an ETF and had little-to-no confidence in doing so, is the reason I waited almost a month to make the plunge and buy my first one.  Oops.

the ladyboss's guide to investing: how to build your investment portfolio

So I sat down multiple times trying to come up with a witty or engaging story to make starting your investment portfolio seem exciting or enjoyable or <insert fun adjective here>.  But you know what?  I came up blank every time.  To you that might sound depressing and a horrible way to start out this post, but let me finish:  The joy of investing isn’t in investing itself (unless you really like that stuff – hey, nerds).  The joy of investing is what you get at the end, when all is said and done and you have a nice chunk of change with your name written all over it.

the ladyboss's guide to investing: where you should be putting your money

Who’s ready to get back into the BB Investing Project??  I know it’s been a few weeks since we last delved into your investment education, but never fear, ladies (and gents) – we are back on track and ready to continue on our journey to the land of the well-funded retirement (ugh, I can’t wait to spend winters where there is no snow!). The topic this week?  Mutual funds.  It’s a boring name, but they can have an extremely great pay-out.  And most importantly, it’s where I keep most of my retirement moo-lah!  Intrigued?  Ready to be on the same path as I am?  Read on.

the ladyboss's guide to investing: all about bonds (& why they may not be for you)

Every year when I was younger, my family would throw a big 4th of July party to celebrate my brother’s birthday (he was born on the 3rd). I remember those days being filled with wiffle ball games with my cousins, lots of cake (LOTS of cake), and sparklers that would be the finale to a fireworks show perfectly executed by my dad and uncles.  Something else that I always associate with those days?  Savings bonds.  I know, weird. You wouldn’t think an 8 year-old would know or care what those are.  But every year my brother’s godmother would gift him with a $50 savings bond for his b-day, and every year I would be jealous.  Why?  Because even though it wasn’t a cool new pair of rollerblades or remote control car, our parents let us know that he would have a nice chunk of change once he decided to cash those in when he was older.   And I wanted that nice chunk of change.  Yes, I was a bitter 8 year-old.  So be it.

the ladyboss's guide to investing: bears, bulls, & the stock market

I realize stocks normally aren’t on the forefront of any 20-something woman’s brain.  I get it. Between trying to pay off debt, schedule that ever diminishing social time with friends, and squeezing in some hours at the gym, the idea of stocks and what they could do for you doesn’t really take priority.  And I’m ok with that.  I’m uber money-focused, and I’ll admit, I’m not following the market on a day-to-day basis either (and ok, sometimes I’ll go a week or two without it even crossing my brain.  Or a month.  Oops.)