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Some of the products below contain affiliate links, which means that if you buy the product or service, I get a little kickback as a way of saying “thank you” for suggesting such a FAB item to you. Others do not. I won’t tell you which is which – just know that I personally use or have used each of these, and I stand behind what each has to offer!


Profit First

A must read for every entrepreneur. It reframes how you look at your business finances and lays out a systematic process that not only ensures all the bills get paid but also that YOU do.

Power of Habit

One of my favorite reads this past year, I was fascinated by this book’s ability to break down how impactful our daily habits are to our broader lives. It’s not only full of interesting stories and examples (did you know that minty flavor in your toothpaste was a mere marketing scheme?) but also shows you how to change your current habits into more fruitful ones.

She Means Business

This is a behind-the-scenes look at the tools & tricks one of the most successful online female entrepreneurs of the past decade used to make it to the top and the sacrifices she had to make along the way. A great inspirational read for all women business owners or side hustlers who are looking to up their game and find some tidbits to help them move ahead.


Negotiations can be difficult, especially for those of us who aren’t confrontational (like me); however, this book reframes your mindset and gives you solid tips on how to go into negotiations so that not only you win, but the person on the other side of the table (or phone) does, too. You’ll want this in your arsenal.

The Law of Divine Compensation

I thought this would be a little to “woo” for me, but I honestly loved it. Focused on your mindset behind money, it tackles some of those beliefs that always seem to hold us back and really puts the place of money in your life into perspective. If you are looking to remove mental money roadblocks, add this to your list.

Set for Life

Fun fact: I listened to this on Audible while painting one of our rentals, and it got me through some LONG nights.

A personal finance book, I think Set for Life really channels the entrepreneur mindset in terms of the understanding that you need to sometimes sacrifice now to get what you truly want later. Plus, for many entrepreneurs, their businesses support their lives, and if you can get your personal financial situation under control, it relieves a lot of the stress that comes up in your business, making it more enjoyable (& ultimately profitable).


Making Sense of Cents Affiliate Program

Want to learn how to make more passive income in your business without having to a) create a new product or b) go through a launch?

This online course was created by Michelle from Making Sense of Cents, who makes over $50,000 per month in affiliate income from her blog. In this course she spills all of the secrets behind her success- currently working through it, and let me tell you, it’s KILLER.


Instagram Stories are moving to the top of the list as the best marketing platform, meaning it’s somewhere you want to be. Alex is a guru at making her stories fun, informative, and engaging, and she shares all of that in this course. Another that I’m working through and currently in LOVE with.



As someone who is not tech-savvy, Squarespace has been such an easy platform to navigate to host my website, especially if you don’t have the time or brain space to try to create a website from scratch via Wordpress. With built-in templates, easy to navigate software, and a super-responsive support team, it’s the perfect platform for anyone trying to DIY their website.


It may be the accountant in me, but Quickbooks is leaps and bounds above any other accounting software I’ve worked it. It integrates with more, has the ability to do more, and you can typically catch it for cheap at certain times during the year (you can even get cheaper subscriptions through your bookkeeper/accountant!). If you’re growing enough to where you need to use a software to organize your finances, I highly recommend Quickbooks.


I love using Chase Quickpay to request money from clients, but sometimes banking with Chase isn’t always the best option for small business owners. Zelle is a great alternative for this, and many banks are looking to integrate with them. The pro? You don’t incur the typically fees you do with PayPal or Stripe, which could save thousands per year. The con? It’s not as secure.

Thus, if you’re doing a lot of transactions with individuals you don’t know, Strip or PayPal makes more sense. But if you’re doing only a few transactions with people you have vetted, check to see if your bank integrates with Zelle so that you can start receiving payments this way.


A bill management app, this is one I have used for both personal and business for YEARS, and I can’t say enough good things about it. You do a one-time set-up to link all of your bills, and it will notify you once a bill is ready to view and also when it is almost due. It’s saved me many times from late fees and nicks to my credit score, and because it’s FREE, it’s really a no-brainer.

Plus, you can pay your bills directly from the app itself. Win-win-win.


Goal Digger

With over 200 episodes, this podcast is a GOLD MINE for entrepreneurs. From Instagram secrets to paying yourself to how to schedule a maternity leave as an entrepreneur, Jenna Kutcher lays it bare and provides such valuable content all for free.

This is definitely one you want on your list.

My Current Favorite Episode: What You Really Need to Know About Email Lists

Design Your Dream Life

Natalie Bacon just released this podcast in 2018, and it moved to the top of my list after just one episode. Focused on reframing your mindset, the podcast helps you remove those roadblocks you place on yourself so you can hit your goals and get to where you are always meant to go. This is one where I’ve listened to episodes multiple times and will for sure be on repeat in the future.

My Current Favorite Episode: Design Your Dream Year from Your Future

Building a StoryBrand

I fell in love with the marketing concept laid out in the Building a Storybrand book a couple of years ago after my husband Keith (also a fellow entrepreneur!) brought it to my attention. It pivots your focus from solving a customer’s outer problem to marketing in a way that helps resolve their inner one, allowing you to get to the root of the situation and make more of an impact.

Luckily for us, the author didn’t just stop at the book. He also created a podcast that showcases topics like unique marketing angles from a yellow suit-wearing baseball team owner to how to be the most captivating person in the room from a body language expert. It’s like listening to your dad talk to a bunch of his successful friends over a beer, and needless to say, I was hooked.

My Current Favorite Episode: There’s two - and they’re already linked in the above paragraph!

Real Estate Investing

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

The book that started it all, if you’re wanting to know what all the hype is about surrounding real estate, start right here. I read this in my early 20s, and it completely flipped the script on how I thought about money and my future.

You’re never too late to get ahead, but don’t delay too long. The minute you finish, you’ll be wishing you read this years ago.


While Rich Dad, Poor Dad gives you the “why,” this book gives you the “how.” And I LOVED having the “how.”

For me, starting out in real estate was intimidating - literally, girl, I had NO CLUE what I was doing. But this book answered a lot of my questions and gave me enough confidence to make the leap into a better future (because you don’t have to know how to do the butterfly stroke in order to get in the water - just how to swim without drowning.)

After you read Rich Dad, Poor Dad, this is your next step. Don’t skip it.


One thing you’ll quickly find as a real estate invest, especially in a hot market, is that it can eat up your cash reserves quick. I mean, houses aren’t cheap. Even when they seem to be.

I once heard David Greene, host of the BiggerPockets podcast (see below), state that you really become a true real estate investor when you can buy homes and start earning passive income without using any (or very small sums) of your money. That’s why this book is so key - it helps you be creative in your deals and figure out how to use that same $50,000 to buy home after home after home. Instead of just one or two.

This book puts more tools in your toolbox and the return you’ll get is definitely worth the $15 investment.

BiggerPockets PODCAST

Talk about hitting the jackpot. This podcast is great for real estate newbies and experts alike as they interview guests who are investing in real estate in 1,000 different ways in all different markets. I come away every time with a new idea or tip to implement in my business, and with over 300 episodes, you won’t be left wanting.

Current Favorite Episode: Hands-On BRRR Investing & DIY Secrets with Instagram Star Brittany Arnason

BiggerPockets Calculator

One of the biggest roadblocks for me prior to getting into real estate was not having tangible numbers to help me determine whether or not a property was a good deal or not. It’s the accountant in me. I can’t help it.

So when I stumbled upon the BiggerPockets calculators, it was like the heavens had parted. I heard angels singing, guys.

All you have to do to help determine if a property is a “No” or a “Go” is type in the numbers. That’s it. It will calculate everything for you (like your cap rate, projected monthly income, etc.), and you can see your potential return on buy & holds, BRRRs, flips, and more.

You can use it 3 free times initially, but with a Pro membership, you’ll have unlimited uses. So use wisely…and then make the investment.

Real Estate InvestHer podcast

Another great podcast, this one focuses specifically on female real estate investors, showing how they are breaking the mold in the R/E world all while juggling the responsibilities of being mothers, wives, and well, just women, too.

I love it because even though we’re all equal, differences are still going to reside in genders, and this one helps address some of those questions that we think in our heads that never get answered by the men.

Plus, the two hosts, Liz & Andresa, are uber successful in this sphere - who wouldn’t want to listen to those kind of mentors?

My SmartMove

This as an online software from TransUnion (yes, the credit bureau) that performs background, credit, and criminal checks on potential tenants. It’s as easy getting an applicant’s email and plugging it into the software. From there, you can choose who pays (you or the applicant), and then My SmartMove sends you an email with the results once the application is completed. It even gives you a recommendation based on the results.

Is it easy? Yes. Is it affordable? Yes. Is it a no brainer? Also yes.

We use it for all of our properties, and it’s a great way to keep your real estate business streamlined.


Hands down the BEST home alarm system in the company for real estate professionals, SimpliSafe is easy to use, cheap, and with no wiring involved, can be moved from property-to-property (which is great if you do multiple rehabs and need to protect the properties during the process).

I’ve had this at my own home for ages, and I’ve never had an issue - the support team is super responsive and luckily very good-natured about my false triggers ;)

I would pay my own way if SimpliSafe wanted me in one of their commercials, that’s how much I love their product. If you’re looking to get an alarm system, shoot me an email, and I’ll send over all the deets.