buyer's remorse: red rocks edition

 Photo Credit: Ornella Binni via Unsplash

Photo Credit: Ornella Binni via Unsplash

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve bought something and within a week looked back on my purchase and thought, “WTF was I thinking?”. There are so many items in my closet right now that I truly wish I never would have wasted my money on.  I mean, I think I literally buy a new dress every time I go to a wedding, and the result is that now my friends have a great “store” to choose from.  My closet.  Because I was the idiot to buy all of them.  Oy vey.  At this point, there’s not much I can do about it except try to avoid those buys in the future, but heck, it still hurts sometimes to see all that wasted cash staring me in the face each morning when I’m picking out my outfit.  And now for the story of one of my most remembered bouts of remorse (kind of):

Some friends and I went out to Colorado for a 4-day weekend two summers ago (which seems like yesterday and an eternity ago, all in one) to see the AMAZING Avett Brothers in concert at Red Rocks. I cannot tell you how great of a concert and venue it was, so I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Anyhoo, I purchased a concert poster as a little souvenir for our trip, something I figured I could keep in my home for the rest of my life (or until I go senile and forget who the Avett Brothers are). It was a limited edition poster, and I spent $25 on it—and no, that is not what I am remorseful about.  It’s turning that poster into wall art that really did the trick.

When I got back, I took the poster to a framing shop here in Indianapolis to get it matted and framed all nice-like since I figured it would be hanging up for quite a while. So, I go in, choose everything I want (which probably takes about 20-30 minutes because let me tell you, there are options), and by this time I’ve chosen a layout and color scheme I love and am ready to hand the reins over to the framer and get out of there.  That is, until we got to the pricing.  Holy mother of pearl was I caught off guard.  As he’s adding up all of the separate items that go into a job like this, I’m mentally estimating the cost and think it’ll be about $180ish.  Kind of high, but worth it since it’s a keepsake.  Little did I know that when all was said and done, the total price would be $260 (and yes, that’s after the 10% discount for paying in cash and not including the cost of the poster itself). Whhhhaaaatttt????? I wanted to cry on the spot.

Because I’m not one of those people who likes to look cheap or cause a confrontation, I went with it and paid half down before I left.  And on my way home, my heart just hurt thinking about all of that money going towards this one picture.  I almost went back and told him I wasn’t going to do it anymore and to give me the poster back, but I knew I would never have the nerve.  So I had to bite the bullet…and watch my bank account take the hit.

In all reality, it wasn’t so much the end product that I was remorseful about but the fact that I probably could have gotten it done for cheaper somewhere else and been just as happy with it. But alas, there is nothing I can do about it now, and it really did turn out great…or at least in my opinion it did. (I’ve included a pic of it below, though, so you can judge it yourself.)

What I really want you to get out of this post, though, is that we all make mistakes financially, and sometimes we just have to suck it up and move on. I think we’ve all fallen victim to buyer’s remorse, and let’s be real, it’s going to happen in the future, too.  And as a way for all of us to feel united in this financial oblivion we live in, please share with our little community items that you’ve bought that you’re still kicking yourself in the a** for.  I’m interested to hear your responses!