20 under $25: cheap & unique gifts for all those on your list

 Photo Credit: Annie Spratt

Photo Credit: Annie Spratt

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Christmas is only 22 days away.  22!  That means there is little time to shop and even less time to make extra money to afford all those gifts.  Hence, I bring you my top 20 items to give under $25 - cheap, easy, and best of all, ones your friends & family will actually enjoy receiving (I think - I can't please everyone, folks).  So scroll on through - there's something for all those on your list!

1) Those with Self-Diagnosed “Wanderlust”

     Leather Passport Cover ($25)

As someone with that “newly-received passport excitement”, this is just what is needed to make a person seem like a classy world traveler.

2) The Cousin Still Sleeping in His Parents’ Basement

     Whiskey River “UnderAchievers” Candle ($19.95)

Don’t worry, this isn’t just limited to your deadbeat cousin.  They also sell ones for Debbie Downers and Evil Dictators, among others. So go ahead, take your pick and draw some laughs at your family White Elephant.

3) The Guy/Gal Who Likes It on the Rocks

If your girl or guy is a whiskey aficionado, then you know they hate when their ice ends up watering it down.  Slip these into their stockings to fix that problem – the bigger surface means slower melting and less water diluting that sweet, sweet Makers Mark.

4) The Kid at Heart

     Enchanted Forest Coloring Book ($15.95)

Sometimes you need an outlet after the craziness of deadlines, nasty coworkers, and/or crying children.  And sometimes that outlet involves crayons.  Behold, the adult coloring book:  a grown-up version of the childhood pastime we all spent hours doing.  Best part about this one? Some of the pages are extremely beautiful, and if you can stay inside the lines, one could actually end up as artwork in your home.

5) For That Foodie Friend

     DIY Rosemary-Infused Olive Oil (Less than $10)

If you know anyone who spends a decent amount of time in their kitchen, this is the perfect gift:  easy on the bank account, highly useful, and beautifully packaged.  The blog where I pulled this from even has a free downloadable template for the tags!

6) The Friend Who’s Perfected Every Single Yoga Pose

We all know that soda is bad for us, but sometimes water is just too bland for the taste buds.  This bottle solves it all – add in some fresh fruit and you’ve got a drink that’s good AND good for you.  It comes in 8 different colors, so take your pick, people.

7) The Girl with a Starbucks Cup Always in Hand

     Blanket Scarf ($12.95)

If your sister/niece/girlfriend doesn’t already have one of these, she wants it.  If she’s that Starbucks, basic b!$%# type of girl (and there is nothing wrong with that).  I mean, look at how cute this chick looks!

8) The Sexy Lumberjack in Your Life

     Urban Garden Beard Oil ($14.99)

Your man spent many months growing out that beautiful face mane.  The least you can do is help him maintain it.  And, in the process, rid yourself of the embarrassment that scraggly, unmaintained beard would produce at your Cousin Ashley’s wedding.

9) The Friend So Obsessed with Essential Oils She Wishes She Could Drink Them

     Skinny Coconut Oil ($17)

Good news:  now she can.  Coconut Oil is the new “it” health product and has a myriad of uses, like boosting your metabolism and improving brain health.  Throw it in your smoothies, cook with it, or use it as eye makeup remover – it’ll take the place of duct tape as your best multi-use product.  (Want more ways to use it? Click here >>> 101 Uses for Coconut Oil.)

10) The Camping Buddy Who Chose to #OptOutside This Black Friday

Know someone who’d rather spend the day on the trails than in front of the tube watching football for 10 hours?  Then this is the perfect stocking stuffer for them – super lightweight so it won’t weight them down while they’re enjoying the great outdoors.

11) The New Mother with a Code Red Stress Level

      DIY Bathtub Caddy (Less than $25)

Have you ever been around a crying baby for an entire day?  Yeah, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies, which is why a long bath every once in awhile is a necessity.  And this caddy will help to make it even better.  Load on a glass of wine, a pretty candle, and a good read, and she’s headed straight for relaxation city. At least for a few minutes anyway.

12) Your Little Sister Away at College

      Pink Key Pepper Spray ($11.99)

Not every 20 year-old asks for something practical, but this is a must have for any woman out there on her own (especially those on college campuses or doing weekly bar crawls).  Bonus:  proceeds helps support the National Breast Cancer Federation.

13) Those Who Don’t Care What That WHO Report Said

Bacon causes cancer?  We don’t care.  And just to show it, give the gift of this bacon spread – it pairs great with cheese, on crackers, or added to your burgers.  Manly-man approved.

14) The Friend Who’s Hit a Rut

We’ve all been there – standing in the midst of our own pity party because we didn’t get the job we wanted/just got broken up with/can’t seem to ever please our parents.  Join the club.  This book is a great way to kick start your life back in gear, and do it while being highly entertained.

15) The Guy Who Just Built a Bar in His Garage

      Moscow Mule Mug ($6.22 each)

No bar is ever complete without these puppies.  Even if you don’t like Moscow Mules, you’ll love sipping your cocktail from this copper cup.  Best part?  While these are usually fairly expensive, the ones from Wal-mart are only $6 a pop – you can get a set of 4 and still stay under $25 (excluding tax, of course).

16) The Girl with 1,000 Instagram Photos

      Floral Photo Clip String Set ($12)

If she’s spending the time picking out filters for all those pictures, she’s definitely going to want to display them somewhere other than the internet; hence, this pretty little photo set-up, which easily matches the cuteness of all those pics she’s posting.

17) The Girl with Her Head in the Clouds

When I was in junior high, I plastered these things all over my bedroom ceiling, and to this day, they are still there.  And I still love them.  Nostalgia, anyone?

18) The Friend Who Loves Her Fruit Loops

      Boho Cereal Bowl, set of 4 ($24.99)

Some of us still want to enjoy our Cocoa Puffs without feeling like we should also be watching cartoons, so here’s a way to do it a slightly more adult fashion.  Target sells a set of 4 under $25, but if you want to get a little more fancy, you can find some at West Elm for $8 a pop. (West Elm Folk Pad Printed Bowls)

19) The Shower Karaoke Star

If they’re a terrible singer, you might want to just skip this one and save your ears the pain.  But if you’re roommate can pull off a decent Justin Timberlake while sudsing up, then this may be the gift they’ve been waiting for.

20) For anyone else…

When all else fails, throw alcohol at them.  My favorite idea?  Give them a growler from their favorite local brewery – since you can refill them for cheaper than you can get the beer by the pint, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Happy Holidays!

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