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I'm Brittney, a numbers expert and self-diagnosed money nerd who has an ever-fueling fire to help women like you not just create another job for themselves in the entrepreneurial sphere but grow a business that gives you both time AND money. You know, so that you can have your cake and eat it, too.

I focus on teaching you how to manage & save more of your money, create systems & processes that can be easily replicated by your team, and scale your biz ALL ON YOUR OWN so that you can keep your cash but also be able to look back one year from now and be proud of all you've accomplished.

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Head over to the blog to learn how to increase your revenue and better manage your money so you can earn more, invest more, and enjoy it all (you guessed it) MORE.

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Looking to make your business more legitimate? A separate bank account is step #1. Download my free comparison chart to find the account that’s best for you.

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Tired of that DIY life? Don’t worry, girl - I’ve got you. Check out how I can help you manage your $$$ and build a business, not just another job. 

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Surprisingly, it's not just about numbers.

Managing your money is more emotional than mathematical, meaning your Psychology 101 class may have been more beneficial for you than you thought. This is why I focus on the following 3 factors to take you from being timid about managing the money in your business to absolutely slaying it:


To grow your business, you need to know your business, even those parts of it that are as foreign to you as your best friend’s choice in men. 

But here’s the saving grace: You don’t have to know everything about everything. No one has time for that. Even Beyonce.  

You just need to know enough to be dangerous so that you can make educated decisions and take your biz from a job to an empire, which is why I provide the info you really need to know to run your business profitably.  

No fluff. No bulls#@!. Just tips & tricks to help you get to your goals.


When building a business, you need to focus on what you know best to scale & grow, which means leveraging the skills of others in those areas that aren’t your areas of expertise is a must.

So whether you need a hand to guide you in how to create passive income, expand your team, or simply someone to take over the part of your job you hate (& I love – hello, accounting), I’ve got you, girl. And I’m always an email or Insta DM away from answering any question you have.


My goal isn’t just to help you save a few bucks or keep your business compliant with the IRS. (Although, let’s be real, both of those are worthy causes.)

My overall goal & passion is to help you…

Uplevel your wealth.

Live your dreams.

Make a bigger impact.

I want to help you see your full potential, find the confidence to chase it, and help you build a strategy to realize it.




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