Want to contribute a guest post to Britt & the Benjamins?  Email brittandthebenjamins@gmail.com with your ideas for a post or submit a fully-written article, and I'll be in touch!  Some items to note before you submit:

1) Don't Make Me Do A Lot of Work - If you send a fully-written article, please do so either in a Word or Google document.  Ensure it is a final version and 100% edited - I'm time crunched as it is, so if I have to make a lot of changes, I probably won't consider it for a guest post.  Also, any length is fine as long as it engages the reader and you successfully make your point. (Although try not to make it a term paper, ok?)

2) Suggestions Are Welcome - Feel free to suggest a title or include images with your submission; however, note that these may change in the version I post so as to keep it within the theme of the blog.

3) Be Relatable - This isn't the Wall Street Journal.  I want people to feel a connection with the author, so make sure you are adding a personal aspect to your post.

4) But Also Informative - Readers come to blogs to either be entertained or learn something, and I want this to be one where they get both.  Make sure that whatever "relatable" content you provide is also supported with information that can help the reader.

5) Can the Spam - I am more than happy to link back to your website (please let me know if there are specific articles you'd like for me to highlight), but do not use this as a method to promote a product or sneak in affiliate links.  I appreciate it.

6) Interact & Promote! - If I do publish one of your guest posts, do you (and I) a favor and promote it through your social media channels.  Also, make sure to check back in on the post for the first week or two to respond to any comments. 

Look forward to working with you!