my 2015 financial progress: the hermit period (Q1)


I don’t know about you, but usually from January 1st until mid-March, I don’t venture out much.  On Friday and Saturday nights you can more than likely catch me snuggled up on my couch under blankets, watching season 3 of House of Cards on Netflix with James and willing the cold weather to go away.  I’m just not a winter person, plain and simple.  After New Year’s, I’m completely over snow and cute winter coats and am ready and waiting for bikini season. 

However, because of my innate hermit-ness, the first few months of the year are usually good savings months for me – my random mall or Target trips come to a standstill, I go to the bars less (no one wants to drag around a coat when they’re trying to get their dance on), and most of my more expensive home projects are on hold until the warmer weather ensues.  Or at least that’s how I’ve fared in the past…check out how I’m doing so far in my annual budget progress this year:

Net Cash Increase:  $4,583 Increase

This is how much my bank account has increased since January 1st.  I know, go me!  If I keep up that pace, I’ll have over $18K that I can put towards my savings goals or retirement at the end of the year (or one heck of a winter getaway vacation).  Who doesn’t love that?  Now, if we want to be realistic, that kind of frugality is going to be difficult to stick with – I’ve got a few wedding-related trips coming up and heck, I just like to go do stuff in the summer.  But that kind of initial savings is a great way to begin the year and is motivation to conquer those goals I initially set.

Net Worth Increase:  $14,968

What is net worth?  Basically everything you own less everything that you owe.  And fortunately for me, those things I own increased in value and the things I owe (I’m looking at you, mortgage) decreased.  Another plus!

On Track for My Annual Savings Goal

To date, I’ve saved 25.07% of my annual savings goal, which means I’m right on track as we’re a quarter of the way through the year.  Even better?  This doesn’t include the net cash increase I mentioned earlier that could add to this.  That new car and remodeled kitchen are getting closer and closer J

Overspending in Groceries and Restaurants

I could have called this one – while I’ve tried to be reasonable on my food spending, I’ve started to migrate to healthier choices, which can add up quickly (quinoa, why you gotta be so expensive?).  And it appears that when I wasn’t holing up in my home during those long winter months, I was out eating…a lot.  I should be at 25% of my annual budget or below, but I’m sitting at 27.9% for groceries and 31.3% for restaurants.  Oops :/  Looks like I’m going to have to tighten it up for the next 9 months!  (Please hold me to this, people.)

There you have it, my friends – an inside look into the financial world of me, version 2015.  Have you reviewed how you are progressing towards your goals so far?  We’re 3 months in – make sure you’re on track!