can I afford that luxury thing?

Maybe you’re finding this post because you’re curious about adding a new expense to your budget.

Or because you’ve been planning on a purchase for a long time, but are getting cold feet.

Or maybe you told someone about a thing (or an experience!) you bought, and they looked at you like you had three heads.

Not just two heads, mind you. Two heads is for normal people who would never dare spend money on something like that.

10 money goals you can still conquer by new year's

LADIES. Can someone please explain to me how it’s already the middle of November? I feel like for every passing birthday, the Big Guy Upstairs turns the MPH up on my life speedometer, and if it’s this bad at 30, I can only imagine what 70 feels like. Woof.  

Good news, though: While there’s less than 50 days left in the year, you still have PLENTY of time to hit some of those money resolutions you set back in January…even if you’ve procrastinated on starting them until now.

the one savings account offering to pay you 3%

Raise your hand if you LOVE earning more money for doing no extra work.

Yeah, me, too, which is why I have no clue as to why I waited so long to tell you all about this savings game-changer. (Ok, it was because I was so busy, but let’s just both agree to move past that and forgive me.)

Last winter, I came upon this app called Digit, and it quickly became one of my go-to financial tools that I used to help supplement my savings game. I’ll admit, I’m already a savings all-star (sorry for the humble-brag), but I also knew that in all reality, I could be doing more. So I signed up for Digit and after about 6 months, had an additional $600 saved that I never even missed. How crazy awesome is that?

20 cheap ways to treat yo' self

If you know me, then you know that a) I am an avid Parks and Rec fan (I’ve watched the entire series twice and am not ruling out a third run) and b) Leslie Knope is my spirit animal. And while I would have to say that Galentine’s Day is the best new holiday to come out of that show – yes, I celebrate it every year with my ladies – Treat Yo’ Self Day is a close second, and guys, it’s right around the corner.

to give or not give up my credit cards: a case study

I love my credit card. And I may get flayed alive by the Dave Ramsey fanatics out there, but for those who can use them wisely (like yours truly – I would definitely be the villain if Visa ever wrote a superhero comic), I think they can be a great tool to earn some free swag.

10 money tips to get you back on track by the end of summer

If you’re anything like me and 72,000 other ladies out there, you’ve felt the effects of summer on your wallet. Outdoor concerts, Saturdays spent on the lake, margaritas on the patio of your fav tequila joint…they tend to get the best of us, and before you know it, summer’s gone and so is all of that progress you had been making towards your goals. Damn you, patio beers.

the best personal finance hacks to help you save money in college

Going off to college is one of life experiences that bring both excitement and trepidation. Many students look forward to the challenge of managing their own finances, yet few are truly equipped to handle the demands of both school and money.  After paying for the high cost of tuition, books and fees, students are asked to stretch their money from the first of the month to the end, all the while paying for their food, transportation and comfort. Mastering these personal finance hacks for saving money in college without sacrificing the experience that will make it all the more enjoyable and certainly less stressful.

6 things to say to customer service reps to cut costs and save you $$$

You guys, I love talking with customer service reps.

Most people find that super weird. Why would you like be put on hold? Why would you like battling with reps only to be told that “there’s nothing we can do?”

Why do I love it? Because I understand how to do it. Nine times out of ten, I succeed in getting what I want (and sometimes, more than I what I want.) I’ve literally saved thousands of dollars, and sometimes earned money/perks, by simply taking a few minutes to call or tweet customer service.

10 moves college grads need to make now to win with their money

When I first graduated college, I thought I was making bank…and I spent like it, too. I remember allowing myself to buy an Icee while at the movies, and it was the tip of the iceberg that sent me over the edge.  I loved the feeling of not having to worrying about buying $5 frozen juice, and let me tell you, those first few months I ran with that mindset.  I purchased those shoes I loved but didn’t really need, rounds at the bar, a new TV…you name, I bought.

However, after a couple of months, I looked at my bank account and noticed that it hadn’t really moved. At all.  I thought I was making all of this money, but it ends up I was also spending all of it, too.  And for a girl who had bigger plans – like travel and buying a home and starting to save for retirement – this attitude just wasn’t going to cut it.

the ultimate financial checklist to get your s#%! together

See if you can relate:

You’re in your 20s or early 30s and always manage to pay the bills on time but your savings account never seems to grow.

You can’t afford a gift for your friend’s bridal shower but always have the means to buy drinks at the bar at 2:30 in the morning.

You buy the latest and greatest Mac but have no emergency fund.