the secret to money the wealthy know (and you don't)

If you read nothing else this week, read this.  Your bank account and future self will thank you.

I have a great job with a pretty great salary.  It’s given me the means to experience some pretty amazing things (like travel to Peru) while still being able to fund my retirement and add to my savings. On top of that, I rent out a spare room in my home, meaning that when it comes to the financial side of the life equation, I’m doing fairly well (knock on wood). And yet. 

Yet here I sit in a home much smaller than those my friends are buying.  I drive a car that is 11 years old. I only get my hair done every 6 months.  I shop at H&M and Target because the prices at Nordstrom still make me cringe.  I take my lunch to work. Every day.