7 tips to increase your credit score quickly (and save thousands!)

I know most of you think your credit score isn’t a sexy topic, but did you know having a crappy one could potentially cost you a year’s salary?

When I bought my home in 2013, we were just beginning the incline out of the recession that had blindsided (most of) us in 2008. It was a buyer’s market, meaning homes were priced to sell and there were a lot of the market.  On top of that, my credit score was sitting pretty in the high 700s, meaning I qualified for the lowest interest rate on my mortgage. Did I know prior to that point how much money that score saved me? Absolutely not.  But when I started crunching the numbers on my house situation, I soon found it.

how i saved $37,000 in two minutes: my loan amortization calculator tool

I’m just going to start off with this:  if you have a loan or expect to take out one for any reason – student, car, home – within the future, you will want to read this post.  Trust me.

When I first started my home buying process way back in 2013, I was like a deer in the headlights:  staring at this large responsibility coming my way but completely stunned as to which way to turn.  I knew roughly how much I wanted to pay per month on my mortgage, and with the help of some mortgage payment calculators found through a simple Google search, I knew how that translated into a home price.  However, what I didn’t know is how much it was REALLY going to cost me.