Are You Ready To

free yourself from all that money stress?

Stop living paycheck to paycheck?

Finally afford your rent & that girls trip to cabo?

buy clothes from somewhere besides Forever 21?

Be a Better You?

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Hey, Ladies! I'm Brittney, and I'm here to help you learn how to get everything you want (and then some.)

I grew up the daughter of a teacher and a carpenter, meaning that I did not grow up wealthy. However, even without those means, I graduated college debt-free, bought my first home at the age of 26, and earned a net worth of $250,000 before the age of 30.

Why? Because I never wanted to rely on anyone else to get for me what I wanted. I wanted to be in charge of my future and the driving factor in achieving my goals, whatever I chose for them to be.

Now, I won’t say it was easy. It takes a lot of willpower and delayed gratification to chase your dreams.

But it was simple. I didn’t use any complex methods or equations or strategies to get where I am now – just 6th-grade math and a little knowledge. And this is what I want to show you.


Let me ask you this when it comes to your thoughts on money:

Do you feel you have no clue where to start?

Think it’s too complicated?

Know you should manage your money but don’t know how?

Believe there’s just too much to learn or handle?

Just simply not drinking this “money management” Kool-Aid?

Does the thought of it give you a mild anxiety attack?


Don’t worry – I’m here to solve those for you.

Here’s how.


The Bada$$ Boot Camp is designed to help you gain the knowledge (& confidence) to transform you from broke to Bada$$...and in way that is simple & unintimidating.  I hold your hand through the entire process, helping you create goals, save more money, and build wealth. Here is what you’ll get as part of the boot camp:

8 Week Live Webinar Program (with Replays), covering

Net Worth/Goals



Credit Card Debt

Student Loans


Free Copy of  “the Girl's Guide to Being a Bada$$: How to Win with Money and Rule at Life” eBook

(i.e. Your Money Bible)

Free Copy of "A Girl's Guide to Being a Bada$$: The Money Workbook"

The eBook's BFF.

Opportunity to Get Your Personal Questions Answered by Me

(For 2 Straight Months!)

A Special Bonus Upon Completion of the Boot Camp

Spoiler Alert: It Could Earn You Some Serious $$$

Most Importantly: Confidence

(& More $$$ in Your Bank Account)



I understand that your money is being pulled in 7,000 directions, and you don’t have much of it to spare; thus, when I priced this program, I wanted to make it manageable so that money wasn’t a barrier to getting educated.

So, if you invest just $97 in yourself, you can transform your life and turn that investment into some serious cash. That’s giving up just…

A pair of lululemon leggings

One blanket from West Elm (seriously, ONE BLANKET)

A top from anthropologie

A trip into Target (you know it’s happened)

…so that you can get all of that and more in your future.


Our first class starts January 10th, 2018 and registration ends on January 9th, so get your spot while you can – space is limited!