I’m Brittney SUTTLE

…a small-town girl living in the big city (if you call Indy a big city) living out my dream of helping other ambitious women use their money to conquer the world. Or at least their corner of it.

I eat pasta twice a week, love the mountains, and am currently obsessed with buying up real estate in hopes of having my own HGTV show. (Joking…unless you’re from HGTV, and in that case, hit me up.)

The path leading to this place has been long & winding, stemming from an idea for a personal finance blog to the small desk I purchased from Big Lots in college where I run my business from today.

And it hasn’t always been easy. The path here was lined with peaks & valleys, ideas that did (& didn’t) pan out, moments when I wanted to throw in the towel, moments when I popped champagne in celebration, and plot twists that changed the course of my business & who it served.

And all these years of trial and error has allowed me to finally know

what lights my soul aflame:


I’m determined to help you & other female entrepreneurs master their money, run a profitable business (or side hustle), and find a little bit (or a lotta bit) of freedom to do whatever the heck you want with your life…without worrying about that $5 cup of Starbucks in the morning.

Keep reading to get an inside peek into this little life of mine…


a Few of My Favorites….

My Life GoalS:

  • Help 1,000 determined women transform their simple idea into a profitable business

  • Run a real estate empire

  • Have a second home in the mountains

  • Start a non-profit women’s shelter.

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